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Optica Photonic-Enabled Cloud Computing (PECC) Industry Summit at Juniper Networks

Twan Korthorst

Synopsys Inc., Group Director Photonic Solutions

About the Speaker

Twan Korthorst is Group Director of Photonic Solutions at Synopsys. He has been active in the field of chip design and fabrication for non-traditional semiconductor micro and nano technologies (MEMS, microfluidics, integrated optics) for over 25 years. After roles in product engineering and fabrication, he joined PhoeniX Software in 2007 and developed the company into a leading supplier of design solutions for photonic ICs in his role as CEO. In February 2018, Synopsys acquired PhoeniX Software, bringing together the industry’s widest portfolio of solutions for designing and manufacturing photonic devices, optical systems, and photonic integrated circuits within one organization and one single support channel. Twan is responsible for the integrated photonics strategy across the company and leads the team developing the Photonic IC Solutions.

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