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Optica Photonic-Enabled Cloud Computing (PECC) Industry Summit at Juniper Networks

Patrick Lo

Advanced Micro Foundry Pte Ltd, CTO

About the Speaker

Dr. Patrick Lo co‐founded Advanced Micro Foundry in 2017 and is, since 2021, the Chief Technology Office. Dr. Lo has more than 30 years of experience in semiconductor & optoelectronics industry in USA and Singapore. He has PhD in Electrical and Electronics Engineering at the University of Texas (Austin, USA). In the past, he has directed strategic programs at IME/A*STAR (nm‐Electronics, GaN‐on‐Si, TSV/3D. Emerging Memories (MRAM/RRAM), Neuro‐morphic Computing, and Si‐Photonics). On top of that, he also has (co‐)authored more than 300 peer-reviewed articles and been granted 50 USPTO patents. He received Best IEEE EDL paper Award (2007), Singapore National Technology Award on Si‐Nano‐Wire CMOS (2008) and President Technology Award (2010) on Si‐Photonics.

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