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Optica Quantum Industry Summit at iXblue

Seungjoo Hong

Manager, SK Telecom

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About the Speaker
Seungjoo Hong, has over 20 years of experience in optical transport network, is responsible for the R&D of mobile fronthaul solution in SK telecom from 2011 when he joined. In 2000-2011, he worked in LG Information & Communications, LG Electronics, LG-Nortel and Ericssion-LG for developing various optical transport systems. He developed the world first CWDM multi sub-channel technology for mobile fronthaul solution in 2014, and since 2004, has been developing various WDM-PON systems such as Injection locked method and AMCC method. He not only developed the C-/L-band Injection locked WDM-PON systems for 100Mbps 32 channel in 2006, 1Gbps 16 channel in 2009 and 1Gbps 32 channel in 2010, but also developed the CWDM Sub-channel based WDM-PON system using AMCC for 4G LTE mobile fronthaul in 2016. He developed the world first WDM-PON system for 5G NR mobile fronthaul in 2018 and commercialized it in 2019. His current research interests include the optical access technology for the next generation wireless and wireline access network, as well as the CWDM Sub-channel technology.
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