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2018 OIDA Executive Forum Program

12 March 2018
Hilton Bayfront Hotel, Sapphire AB Ballroom
San Diego, CA USA

The 2018 program features panels, presentations, a special CEO Fireside Chat and networking events that provide a unique opportunity for executives in the optical networking and communications business to learn from and connect with industry peers who are implementing solutions and addressing issues much like their own. Check back frequently for program updates as additional speakers are being confirmed.

OIDA Executive Forum Schedule

7:00 - 12:00 Registration
7:30 - 8:30 Breakfast
8:30 - 8:45 Welcome and Opening Comments
8:45 - 9:30 Featured Keynote Speaker
9:30 - 10:40

Panel 1: 5G Impact on Next Gen Optical Access

Moderator: Claudio Mazzali, Corning 

10:40 - 11:10 Coffee Break
11:10 - 12:20

Panel 2: Silicon in Photonics – More than Silicon Photonics!

Moderator: Alexis Björlin, Intel

12:20 - 13:20 Networking Lunch
13:20 - 14:30

Panel 3: Optical Networking: Perspectives from Asia

Moderator: Vladimir Kozlov, LightCounting

14:30 - 15:00 Coffee Break
15:00 - 16:10

Panel 4: Frontiers in Optical Networks

Moderator: Stephen Hardy, Lightwave

16:10 - 17:20

Special CEO Fireside Chat: The View from the Top - Everything You Wanted to Know about Optics but were Afraid to Ask

Moderator: Natarajan "Subu' Subrahmanyan, AO Asset Management 

17:20 - 17:30 Closing Comments
17:30 - 19:00 Networking Reception for Executive Forum Attendees and OIDA Members

OIDA Executive Forum Panels

Featured Keynote:

Keynote Speaker: 

Andreas Bechtolsheim, Arista Networks

Keynote Presentation

Optics in the Cloud Datacenter
The presentation will discuss the increasing network bandwidth consumption in the data center, the various optics technologies used in cloud data centers, the market transition from 40G to 100G and 400G speeds, 
the cloud network metro and longer reach opportunity and innovations in optics technologies and packaging.

Panel 1: 5G Impact on Next Gen Optical Access

Anticipated 5G service levels are creating an exciting prospective in access networks. New spectrum availability and new wireless technologies combined with applications in Augmented Reality, IoT and Smart Cities will drive another wave of innovation and business opportunities at the edge of the network.  To enable all that, optical technologies will be critical not only for a high capacity backhaul, but even more in the fronthaul connecting an ultra-dense network of antennas. This is expected to be the first large scale implementation of a truly converged optical-wireless network. Leading service providers will share their visions for use of optical technologies in 5G infrastructure.

Moderator: Claudio Mazzali, Corning

Jiajin Gao, China Mobile 
Lee HicksVerizon Communications


Panel 2: Silicon in Photonics – More than Silicon Photonics!

While there has been significant debate on the applicability and success of Silicon Photonics in the optics industry over the last several years, Silicon, in reality, has played a critical role as an enabler of the next generation of optical networking technologies and architectures.  Innovation in switch silicon, coherent DSPs, linear drivers and PAM-4 chips are just some of the examples of technology driving the advancement of optics.  

The advancement of the photonics industry enabled by silicon is key to its growth.  However, the growing role of silicon in in photonics also begs the question – is silicon friend or foe to the optical component vendors? Do silicon based solutions cannibalize the optical component industry by absorbing or eliminating capabilities and features traditionally served by optical components

In this panel, experts from the IC industry as well as their users, both OEMs and cloud operators, will discuss the technology challenges facing the optical industry and the role of silicon in solving those challenges as well as the impact of this growing presence on the optical component vendors.  

Moderator: Alexis Björlin, Intel

Bill GartnerCisco Systems, Inc. 
Jamie GaudetteMicrosoft
Benny MikkelsenAcacia Communications
Ram VelagaBroadcom Limited


Panel 3: Optical Networking: Perspectives from Asia
The engine of global economic growth depends more than ever on the East. Despite many challenges for doing business in Asia, few companies can afford to miss opportunities in this market. Diversity of the region offers a unique perspective on progress in deployments of networking infrastructure. Japan and South Korea lead the world in speed of broadband connectivity and maturity of their network. These countries will be the first to test new wireless technologies as they host winter and summer Olympic Games in 2018 and 2020. China made a huge impact on the global optical communications market in the last 10 years and it may continue to surprise us with the scale of infrastructure projects. India is emerging from a decade of false expectations, as many projects have finally accelerated in the last 2 years, offering another example for other countries in Asia. Panelists from leading companies in Asia will discuss current situation and future plans on deployment of optical networking in this region.

Moderator: Vladimir Kozlov, LightCounting

Richard Jin, Huawei
Jae Kwan Lee, SK Telecom
Kiyoharu Sasaki, NTT East
Guangquan Wang, China Unicom

Panel 4: Frontiers in Optical Networks
There are several commercial developments outside of communications that could add traffic to optical networks.  These are interesting for their own sake, but also for the changes they might bring to network architectures.  Developments include autonomous vehicles, 3D sensors on mobile phone handsets, and other sensors that are often grouped as the Internet of Things.  The rapid advancement of deep learning and other artificial intelligence hardware and software have implications not only to the processing of image and other optical sensor data, but may also require new network architectures within the data centers managing the AI operations.  This session will bring leaders to talk about their perspectives in the development of optical components and the implications for optical networks

Moderator: Stephen Hardy, Lightwave

Yves DzialowskiArgo AI
Casimir Wierzynski, Intel
Andre Wong, Lumentum

Special CEO Fireside Chat: The View from the Top - Everything You Wanted to Know about Optics but were Afraid to Ask

This fireside chat features CEOs from the leading vendors in the optical component industry providing their unique perspective on a broad range of industry issues including

  • View of market fundamentals in 2018 and over the next 3 years 
  • Growth drivers by product, customer segment and geographies
  • Sustaining growth in a highly cyclical industry
  • Diversification into new frontiers and applications such as consumer, auto and industrial
  • Balancing investment in innovation with profitability and monetizing the innovation delivered 
  • Industry Consolidation

This will be an interactive session with plenty of opportunities for the audience to ask their questions.

Moderator: Natarajan "Subu' Subrahmanyan, AO Asset Management 

Alan Lowe, Lumentum
Chuck Mattera, II-VI Incorporated
Jerry Rawls, Finisar Corporation
Ford Tamer, Inphi Corporation

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