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Optica Advanced Photonics Congress

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About the Congress

Optica’s Advanced Photonics Congress is an inclusive event comprising eight topical meetings with coverage from optical materials, wafer-based optics and specialty fibers to applications in optical signal processing, optical communications, solar energy, lighting and displays.  Topics in manufacturing include AI -aided design, the integration of novel nonlinear optical materials and metamaterials.  The congress brings overlapping communities in these topics together for engaging and collaborative conversation.

Learn about the latest developments in photonics and its applications:

  • Explore AI- and ML-optimized device design and the photonic implementation of AI and ML algorithms.
  • Hear about new developments in spectroscopy in integrated photonics and their applications in fundamental science, metrology and sensing.
  • Catch up on what’s happening in solar energy and solid-state lighting with new materials, new designs and advanced manufacturing innovations.
  • Join the discussion on metamaterials and nanophotonics that enable novel functions in thin, agile and nonlinear optical components.
  • Follow the role of photonics in emerging technologies from new microscopes to large-scale satellite constellations.
Optica Advanced Photonics Congress
09 - 13 July 2023
Busan, Republic of Korea

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