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Optica Advanced Photonics Congress

Industry Programs

Manufacturing Challenges in Advanced Photonics

Tuesday, 30 July 08:30 - 10:00

This session will discuss some of the current challenges in advanced photonics manufacturing. Panelists will discuss an array of familiar and emerging material technologies.


Madison Rilling, Optonique, Canada


Ashkan Seyedi, NVIDIA, USA;California

Industry Hot Topics Networking Event

Tuesday, 30 July 18:30 - 19:30

Let's build some networks!

Developing a strong professional network around core topics of interest is key to both career and scientific advancement. However, in the growing digital age and rapid advancement of research, it can be challenging to establish new connections while growing existing ones.

To facilitate this, the constituent meetings of the Optica Advanced Photonics Congress (IPR, NOMA, Networks, SPPCom, SOLED) have each selected some recent hot topics. As with the research, these topic descriptions are designed to be crosscutting, intersecting with more than just one meeting area.

In this informal networking session, we encourage attendees to join in on a hot topic area connected to their research, but outside their primary meeting area. This creates an opportunity for attendees to hear new perspectives on these growing areas, meet new researchers and share their thoughts. The leadership of each topical meeting will join each hot topic to facilitate discussions, so make sure to drop by and introduce yourself.

Designing Foundry-Compatible Photonic Components and Circuits

Wednesday, 31 July 11:30 - 13:00

Join this workshop to get up to speed on the industry-standard photonic simulation workflow that works seamlessly with foundry requirements. We show how to design and optimize photonic components and circuits for a particular foundry using the process design kit (PDK) and discuss layout generation options.

In this session, we are joined by our foundry partner, Tower Semiconductor, to highlight the success of this method in enabling photonic designers to have their best designs fabricated. A DWDM Circuit is used as an example to demo:

  • Custom component design using a foundry process file. This involves multiphysics simulation of a ring modulator to characterize waveguide modes, optoelectronic properties, and the S-parameters of the coupling region.
  • Compact model generation with CML Compiler.
  • Photonic Circuit simulation in INTERCONNECT using the component and foundry components from the PDK. 

This hands-on workshop allows users from both academic and commercial backgrounds to run the demo, but it will also interest those who want to watch.

Provided by Ansys: Fatema Chowdhury, James Pond, Kishor Ramaswamy, Khashayar Ghaffari

BGPP Industry Session

Date: To be Announced

BGPP 2024 continues the long-standing tradition of addressing fundamental and technical issues of immediate and long-term application of Fiber Bragg Gratings and other devices fabricated by laser-matter-interaction. While fundamental aspects will be covered by invited and contributed presentations of the Congress, the BGPP Industry Session will address the technical aspects. This event will include 10-15 min invited presentations from Sensuron, LumiIR Laser Inc., Photonova Inc. and ITF Technologies to illustrate their advanced products, and discuss the underlying technology and working principles. Participants will hear about how applied research can translate into new products and applications. Industry professionals that are also presenting scientific work during the Congress have been considered. Therefore, we encourage the scientists working in the closely related topics to attend and network with the industry professionals. Junior scientists may be inspired to create a start-up in the field or join a company after hearing the discussions. This event was designed by BGPP Committee to encourage greater interaction between the industry professionals and scientists.

Image for keeping the session alive