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Photonics and Opto-Electronics

Space Optics

This group aims to cover optical observation of Earth from space and space-based optical communication, among other topics.

Space Optics (PA)

The Space Optics Technical Group aims to cover optical observation of Earth from space, space-based optical communication, space environment and optics, photonics in satellite communication payloads, space-based quantum communication, and photonic integration technology for space applications.





Welcome to the home of one of Optica's newest technical group, Space Optics! You can join this technical group by updating your Optica member profile. If you have an idea for an activity for this community, please share them with the chair, Hakimeh Mohammadhosseini.

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You can also find the latest technical group news and information on Twitter! Follow @OpticaTechGroup for updates on upcoming webinars, events and more.


Name Affiliation Title
Hakimeh Mohammadhosseini Space Photonics Expert Chair
Martin Bohmann IQOQI Vienna Vice Chair
AMOL DELMADE Dublin City University Webinar Officer

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