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Optica British and Irish Conference on Optics and Photonics

Contributed Talks and Posters

Contributed Talks
  • Jenitta Johnson Mapranathukaran, Munster Technological University and Tyndall National Institute, Ireland
    • Title: Photonic Integrated Circuit Assisted Photo-Thermal Spectroscopy
  • Daniel Townend and Justin Ho-Tin Chan, University of Huddersfield, UK
    • Title: Ultra-Compact Sensors Realized via Metasurfaces
  • Sarah Thomas, Imperial College London, UK
    • Title: Deterministic Storage and Retrieval of Telecom Light from a Quantum Dot Single-Photon Source Interfaced with an Atomic Quantum Memory
  • Robert Ferguson, National Physical Laboratory, UK
    • Title: Characterisation of Mode Field Diameter for “Quantum-Grade” Interconnects
  • Zhongyi Xia, University of Strathclyde, UK
    • Title: Scalable Optical Excitation and Modulation of Semiconductor Nanowire Emitters
  • Will Smith, University of Bath, UK
    • Title: Hybrid Optical Fibre for Photon Pair Sources
  • Weijie Nie, Quantum Engineering Technology (QET) Laboratories, University of Bristol, UK
    • Title: Quantum-Inspired Frequency-Agile Rangefinding
  • Audrius Jasaitis, Imagine Optic, France
    • Title: Laser Metrology and Beam Diagnostic: A New Approach to ISO 11146 Standard
  • Imanda Jayawardena, Tyndall National Institute, Ireland
    • Title: Spectroscopic Evaluation of PEGDM Hydrogels for Osteogenic Progression Monitoring
  • Arthur Cardoso, University of Bristol, UK
    • Title: Methane Sensing With Undetected Light
  • Anindita Das, University of St. Andrews, UK
    • Title: Investigation of a Graded Epsilon-Near-Zero Medium in a Plasmonic Metasurface
  • Takato Inadomi, The University of Kitakyushu, Japan
    • Title: Optical Measurements of Oscillating Shock Waves by High-Speed Mach-Zehnder Interferometry with the Finite-Fringe Setting
  • James Shawe, Walton Institute, Ireland
    • Title: Quantum Communications ATP Systems: Challenges and Next Steps
  • Christophe Caucheteur, University of Mons, Belgium
    • Title: Tilted Fiber Bragg Grating Sensing Platforms: How to Process Their Comb-Like Amplitude Spectrum?
  • Brook Salter, University of Bath, UK
    • Title: The Topology of Twisted Fibres
  • Mahrokh Avazpour, Dublin City University, Ireland
    • Title: 440 GHZ Bandwidth Frequency Comb via Fiber Loop Modulation
  • Deirdre Kilbane, Walton Institute for Information and Communication Systems Science, Ireland
    • Title: Preliminary Assessment of Satellite Quantum Key Distribution for Ireland
  • Mariia Bastamova, Aston Institute of Photonic Technologies, Aston University, UK
    • Title: Performance of Fibre Optical Parametric Amplifiers for QAM Signals Amplification
  • Risov Das, Tyndall National Institute, Ireland
    • Title: Proposal for Integrated Optical Isolator at Visible Wavelength on Silicon Nitride Waveguide Platform
  • Alexander Duplinskiy, University of Oxford, UK
    • Title: Hermite-Gaussian Image Scanning
  • Samuel Lennard, University College London, UK
    • Title: Generalization Capabilities of Machine Learning-Based PDM Equalization
  • Vitor Correia, Instituto de Telecomunicações and University of Aveiro, Portugal
    • Title: Experimental Evaluation of Optical Pre-Amplification Solutions for Real-Time FSO Communications Impaired by Turbulence
  • Ben Amies-King, University of York, UK
    • Title: Feasibility of Direct Quantum Communications Between the UK and Ireland via 224 km of Underwater Fibre
  • Radu-Florin Stancu, University of Kent, UK
    • Title: Improvements in Optical Fiber Based Distance Sensor Fabrication for Ophthalmic Micro-Surgery Integration
  • Bhupesh Kumar, Bar-Ilan University, Israel, and University of St. Andrews, UK
    • Title: Solid-State Polymer Based 1D and 2D Tunable Random Laser in Visible Spectrum
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