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Optica British and Irish Conference on Optics and Photonics

Topic Categories

  • Optical communication (e.g. transceivers)
  • Optical devices
  • Optical components
  • Photonic integrated circuits (PICs)
  • PIC material platforms (silicon, silicon nitride, glass, polymer, magnesium oxide)
  • Opical modulators (e.g. Mach Zehnder Interferometers, microring resonators, electro-absorbtion modulators, silicon organic hybrid)
  • Index change mechanisms (e.g. electro-optic, electro-absorbtion, electro-refractive)
  • Optical phase change materials (lithium niobate, barium titanate, electro-absorbtion polymer)
  • Neuromorphic networks
  • Sensors (e.g. LIDAR)
  • Lasers (e.g. PCSELs)
  • Optical recording (e.g. Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording)
  • Optical assembly
  • Photonic packaging (co-packaged optics, near packaged optics)
  • Optical fibres and waveguides (e.g. Hollow core fibres)
  • Optical circuit boards
  • Quantum computing
  • Quantum network components
  • Quantum communication
  • Quantum imaging
  • Quantum sensors
  • Quantum Photonic Integrated Circuits
  • Quantum clocks
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