Chapter Toolkit

The chapter toolkit has materials that you can customize with your chapter name and leverage as part of the Optica brand. Included you will find:

For backgrounds with optical principles, feel free to choose any you'd like! You can even mix and match, using one background for social media and another for your flag - it's totally up to you!

Chapter flags
Chapters were notified earlier this year that they would be receiving an updated flag if they completed a survey. Those flags are on their way and should arrive within four weeks, depending on where your chapter is located. If you do not receive your chapter by 18 October, please contact us at

A list of the chapters receiving these flags can be found here. If your chapter would like a flag and you did not originally complete our survey, please complete the form here and we will send you a flag in the next round of shipments. Delivery would most likely occur in November or December. You also have the option of taking one of the flag background and having it printed locally – up to you.