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Optica Design and Fabrication Congress


Optical design and fabrication play an ever-increasing role in our society as more applications for optics are developed, especially in the areas of imaging, sensing, and illumination systems. Of particular interest is the ability to utilize modern design tools to reduce cost, augment manufacturability and enhance system performance.

New materials and unprecedented capabilities to create and measure precise aspheric and freeform optical surfaces have created a whole new design space for imaging, while new computational tools have allowed more complex systems to be both designed and fabricated. These capabilities have extended to micro-optics, head-mounted displays and large optical systems.

Hot topics for this congress include the fabrication of optics by lasers, additive manufacturing of optical components, the latest freeform design tools for illumination optics design and fabrication, micro-optics and the fabrication and use of optics from new materials, including the use of metasurfaces and other flat optical component techniques in advanced optical systems.

  • Discover ways to efficiently manufacture, test large optics and use new CNC machining processes to fabricate and finish optical components.
  • Learn how to apply testing techniques such as white light interferometry, fringe projection metrology and deflectometry in adverse environments such as in a turbulent flow or in the vacuum of space.
  • Understand the latest uses of freeform component and system simulation, design, fabrication, and assembly for both imaging and nonimaging optical systems and for specialty applications such as head-worn displays and mid- and long-wave surveillance systems.
  • Investigate the use of new materials such as composites, plastics, ceramics, and chalcogenides and learn about their response to fabrication processes.
  • Explore the latest optical design tools and the newest types of diffractive, freeform, and gradient index optical components for use in conventional and computational-imaging enhanced system design.

Co-Located Topical Meetings

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