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Optica Imaging Congress



About Optica Imaging Congress

In 2024, the Optica Imaging Congress and Optica Sensing Congress will be presented together as in-person events with on-demand content. Archived recordings of in-person talks or prerecorded videos from remote presenters will be available on demand soon after the event concludes. Nine topical meetings and a combined exhibition will provide enhanced opportunities to learn and network with a significantly larger community of scientists. 

There are clear topical synergies between optical imaging and optical sensing. A number of imaging techniques are directly used for sensing, including hyperspectral and infrared imaging. In the same way, some sensing modalities, such as remote sensing, can be based on different types of imaging. And, due to some of the cross-cutting technologies and methods used in both imaging and sensing, such as pattern recognition and machine learning, there are clear benefits for professionals specializing in either area.

The Optica Imaging Congress brings together academics, industrial and defense research perspectives to provide a comprehensive view of the latest developments in imaging and applied optical sciences.

Hear the latest developments in imaging and applied optical sciences, covering the forefront advances in imaging and applied optics as well as the application of these technologies to important industrial, military and medical challenges. The scope of the research presented ranges from fundamental research to applied.


Optica Imaging Congress
14 August 2023 – 17 August 2023   
Boston Park Plaza Hotel, Boston, Massachusetts USA

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