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Optica High-Brightness Sources and Light-Driven Interactions Congress

Compact EUV & X-Ray Light Sources (EUVXRAY)
High-Intensity Lasers and High-Field Phenomena (HILAS)
Mid-Infrared Coherent Sources (MICS)

Compact EUV & X-Ray Light Sources (EUVXRAY)

  • Félicie Albert, Lawrence Livermore National LaboratoryUnited States
    X-ray Light Sources Driven by Laser-plasma Acceleration for High Energy Density Science Applications  
  • Christopher Barty, University of California IrvineUnited States
    Compact Laser-Compton Light Sources and Applications  
  • John Byrd, Argonne National LaboratoryUnited States
    Enabling Technology for Compact XFELs  
  • Donald Gautier, Los Alamos National LaboratoryUnited States
    Gamma-Ray Tomography  
  • Bjorn Hegelich, Tau SystemsUnited States
    Laser-accelerator Driven Ultrahigh Brightness EUV/SRX Sources  
  • Erik Hosler, PsiQuantumUnited States
    The Last Light Source  
  • Hiroshi Kawata, High Energy Accelerator Research OrgJapan
    Accelerator development plan in KEK toward realization of High-power EUV-FEL for future lithography  
  • Oleg Khodykin, KLA CorporationUnited States
    Laser Driven Bright X-Ray Source from Cryogenic Xenon Target  
  • Frances Kraus , Princeton Plasma Physics LaboratoryUnited States
    Hot-Dense Plasma Physics via X-ray Spectroscopy of Intensely Driven Solids  
  • Nataliia Kuzkova, ARCNLNetherlands
    Unveiling the Atomic Dipole Phase: EUV Interferometry of High Harmonics Generated in Gases and Solids  
  • Jens Limpert, Friedrich-Schiller-Universität JenaGermany
    Laser Driven High Average Power HHG Driven EUV and Soft-X-ray Sources  
  • Luis Miaja Avila, NIST BoulderUnited States
    Atom Probe Tomography Using an Extreme Ultraviolet Pulsed Light Source  
  • Jan Rothhardt, Friedrich-Schiller-Universität JenaGermany
    Nanoscale Imaging with High Average Power High-Harmonic EUV and Soft-X-ray Sources  
  • Stephane Sebban, Laboratoire d'Optique AppliquéeFrance
    Plasma-based Soft X-ray Lasers  
  • Samuel Teitelbaum, Arizona State UniversityUnited States
    Optics and Laser Systems for the ASU Compact XFEL Project  

High-Intensity Lasers and High-Field Phenomena (HILAS)

  • Ming-Chang Chen, National Tsing Hua UniversityTaiwan
    Isolated Attosecond Pulse Generation by a Post-compressed Yb Laser  
  • Hanieh Fattahi, Max-Planck-Inst Physik des LichtsGermany
    Bright Sub-cycle Pulses for Petahertz Fieldoscopy  
  • Elizabeth Grace, Lawrence Livermore National LaboratoryUnited States
    On-shot Spatiotemporal Laser Wavefront Characterization via Wavelength-multiplex Holography for Precision Control of High-intensity Laser Plasma Interactions  
  • Carlos Hernández-García, Universidad de SalamancaSpain
    Simulating Macroscopic High-order hHarmonic Generation Driven by Structured Laser Beams Using Artificial Intelligence  
  • Carolyn Kuranz, University of MichiganUnited States
    Dynamic Ultrafast X-ray Imaging of Shocks in Water  
  • Yu-Chieh Lin, RIKENJapan
    Generation of Sub-cycle Optical Vortex  
  • Thierry Ruchon, CEA Saclay - LIDYLFrance
    Extreme Nonlinear Optics with Fractional-order Singularities  
  • Shunsuke Sato, University of TsukubaJapan
    Ab Initio Computation of Intense Laser-solid Interaction  
  • Ondrej Slezak, Czech Academy of SciencesCzech Republic
    Performance Testing of the Faraday Isolator for a 100J/10Hz Pulsed Laser  

Mid-Infrared Coherent Sources (MICS)

  • Ajanta Barh, DTU ElectroDenmark
    Low-noise SESAM-mode locked Cr:ZnS Lasers  
  • Jens Biegert, ICFO -Institut de Ciencies FotoniquesSpain
    Novel Coherent Intense Light Sources and their Applications  
  • Ingo Breunig, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität FreiburgGermany
    Mid-infrared Whispering Gallery Optical Parametric Oscillators  
  • Takuro Ideguchi, University of TokyoJapan
    Mid-infrared Photothermal Quantitative Phase Imaging with Nanosecond Lasers  
  • François Légaré, INRS-Energie Mat & Tele Site VarennesCanada
    Mid-infrared Frequency Domain Optical Parametric Amplifier  
  • Haida Liang, Nottingham Trent UniversityUnited Kingdom
    Multimodal Spectroscopic Imaging for Archaeology, Art History & Cultural Heritage Conservation  
  • Jeffrey Moses, Cornell UniversityUnited States
    High Quantum Efficiency Mid-IR Parametric Amplification via Hybridized Nonlinear Optics  
  • Myriam Raybaut, Office Natl d'Etudes Rech AerospatialesFrance
    Differential Absorption Lidar for Water Vapour and HDO Sensing Based on 1.98µm Parametric Sources  
  • Clara Saraceno, Ruhr Universitat BochumGermany
    Novel Ultrafast 2 µm Sources for THz Generation  
  • Benedikt Schwarz, Technische Universität WienAustria
    QCL Lasers/detectors and Lab-on-chip Mid-IR Platforms  
  • Sergei Tochitsky, University of California Los AngelesUnited States
    High-power Ultrashort Pulse LWIR Lasers and Applications  
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