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Optica High-Brightness Sources and Light-Driven Interactions Congress



About the congress.

The Optica High-Brightness Sources and Light-Driven Interactions Congress includes three topical meetings that highlight the latest the advances in high-brightness sources, attosecond science, light-driven interactions, and mid-IR laser technologies.  Specific technical areas that are covered include strong-field phenomena, terawatt and petawatt lasers, high-harmonic generation, laser fusion technologies, compact EUV and X-Ray sources and their applications, high-energy and high-intensity IR lasers, and applications of mid-IR and THz sources.  The co-location of meetings covering these topics provides a unique opportunity to expand interaction with multidisciplinary groups that share related interests and goals.

Learn about this exciting area of optics research that enables so many applications:

  • Discover the latest research in short-pulse lasers and attosecond science
  • Hear about how these lasers are enabling cutting-edge applications in fields such as materials science, nuclear science, chemistry, and biology
  • Explore applications of lasers and laser technology in developing new light sources at wavelengths from the EUV to hard x-rays
  • Understand the impact of high-intensity lasers on high-field physics research

Discover the most recent developments in IR coherent sources and their applications in integrated photonics and sensing.

The congress also features panel discussions, special programs and engaging social events.


Optica High-Brightness Sources and Light-Driven Interactions Congress
23 March 2022 – 25 March 2022 
Budapest, Hungary

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