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Optic Technologies Enabling Fusion Ignition at the National Ignition Facility

Hosted By: Optical Fabrication and Testing Technical Group

04 October 2023 13:00 - 14:00

On December 5, 2022, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory’s (LLNL) National Ignition Facility (NIF) made history, demonstrating fusion ignition for the first time in a laboratory setting. NIF produced 3.15 megajoules (MJ) of fusion energy output using 2.05 MJ of laser energy delivered to the target, demonstrating the fundamental science basis for inertial fusion energy. The achievement was celebrated as the culmination of 60 years of exploration and experimentation in inertial confinement fusion (ICF) by generations of scientists at LLNL and collaborators worldwide in industry, academia, and other DOE national labs.

In this webinar hosted by the Optical Fabrication and Testing Technical Group, Tayyab Suratwala will discuss the major large optic technology advancements over the past several decades, that have enabled the National Ignition Facility laser to both routinely operate >2MJ and achieve fusion ignition.

Subject Matter Level: Intermediate - Assumes basic knowledge of the topic

What You Will Learn:
• Various optics types on NIF and how they are fabricated
• How to minimize & manage laser damage on a large, higher power & energy laser system
• Major optics technologies developed in the past 20 years enabling NIF to operate at higher energy and power

Who Should Attend:
• Those who have an interest in precision optics (specifically manufacturing, repairing, novel design, high laser damage resistance)
• Those who have an interest in precision optics (specifically manufacturing, repairing, novel design, high laser damage resistance)
• Optical scientists, optical engineers, materials scientists and related fields

About the Presenter: Tayyab Suratwala from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Tayyab Suratwala is program director for Optics and Materials Science & Technology (OMST). He directs and oversees OMST operations, which encompasses the optics supply for laser programs in the directorate, the NIF optics recycle loop, and the accompanying materials science and technology, including damage science and mitigation and optical fabrication. Suratwala leads the NIF and Photon Science Directorate’s materials science and technology development, which underpin the ability of NIF&PS to develop and apply the world’s most advanced laser systems to its national security and Discovery Science missions.

During his 26-plus-year career at LLNL, he has been instrumental in developing the laser phosphate glass amplifiers, increasing the damage performance of fused silica optics, and enabling NIF to go to higher energy and power.

Dr Tayyab is a fellow of the Optica, and the author of the book, Materials Science and Technology of Optical Fabrication.

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