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International Optical Design Conference

04 - 08 June, 2023

International Optical Design Conference

IODC invites submissions related to but not restricted to:

  1. Design Theory and Geometrical Optics
  2. History of Optical Design
  3. Design with Freeform Optics     
  4. Design for Manufacture​
    • Tolerancing concepts
    • International standards
    • Stray light analysis and control
    • Metrology design
  5. Imaging Systems Design Methods
    • Synthesis: Systematics, AI, deep learning
    • Performance analysis and measurement
    • Optimization
  6. Imaging System Design Examples​
    • Visual systems
    • AR, VR and MR
    • Medical and biological
    • Space and astronomy
    • Microscopy and lithography
    • Mobile devices
  7. Illumination Systems Design Methods​
    • Simulation and modeling of illumination systems
    • Tolerancing in illumination
    • Novel light sources and LED optics
  8. Illumination System Design Examples
    • Applications of freeform illumination optics
    • Illumination systems for displays and projection
    • Non-Imaging optics and concentrated photovoltaics
    • Illumination for microscopy, lithography, endoscopy
  9. Emerging Optics Technologies
    • Meta-surfaces
    • GRIN materials
    • 3D printing

Design problems for lens design and illumination design have been presented in advance of the meeting so that contributed solutions can be compiled and presented at IODC. Details of the design problems can be found on

Image for keeping the session alive