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Industry Tutorial: On-chip filter technology enables compact, high-resolution and video-rate hyperspectral cameras

10 January 2023 10:00 - 11:00

Eastern Time (US & Canada) (UTC -05:00)

Traditional, push-broom hyperspectral cameras are based on expensive and heavy precision optics in glass. Their assembly requires extremely careful alignment and regular calibration.

To make hyperspectral camera’s more compact, it’s important to minimize the lenses and optical elements as much as possible. At the R&D hub imec, engineers succeeded in replacing the diffraction grating optics by a hyperspectral filter, directly on top of an existing commercial image sensor.

This hyperspectral filter is a thin material layer, based on the concept of Fabry-Pérot filters. One such Fabry-Pérot filter consists of two tightly spaced parallel mirror surfaces and by carefully controlling the distance between these reflecting surfaces, it is possible to make a filter that passes only a specific narrow wavelength band.

In this tutorial, we will discuss more in detail imec’s unique on-chip filter technology, its use in high-resolution (SNAPSCAN) and video-rate (SNAPSHOT) cameras, and the different applications that it enables. We will complement this with a live demo broadcasted from our demo studio at imec.

Finally, we would like to introduce our partner, Scientific Imaging, Inc. with whom we collaborate to bring our hyperspectral imaging technology to OEMs and end-users in the Americas, with applications ranging from the macro- to the micro-scale and from the inspection of materials such as food products and semiconductors to life sciences imaging.

Imec and Scientific Imaging, Inc. are looking forward to your attendance at this webinar and to helping you achieve your hyperspectral imaging goals. 

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Wouter Charle
Wouter Charle

Program Manager, imec

Ash Prabala
Ash Prabala

Managing Director, Scientific Imaging, Inc.

Amin Abbasi
Amin Abbasi

Business Development Manager, imec

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