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Navigating Graduate School Abroad: Optics and Photonics Graduate Education in Spain

13 April 2021 16:00 - 17:30

Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris (UTC + 02:00)

Spain has a long tradition in Optics and Photonics that effectively fosters academic research and industrial innovation through public and private projects. Prospective graduate students can get involved in the fast-growing and highly dynamic research community and choose from a wide spectrum of projects, ranging from optical metrology, spectroscopy, and fundamental research in quantum physics to optoelectronics, image techniques, color, and vision science.

In this session, the Optical Society (OSA), in collaboration with representatives from the Spanish Optics and Photonics community, will present available opportunities to prospective graduate students considering applying to positions in Spain. Panelists will share their own experiences attending, leading, and teaching in Spanish graduate schools. In addition, they will discuss the range of options available, outlining the country’s most relevant research institutions and their research areas, to provide information to prospective graduate students on what Spain has to offer.

Join us in this stimulating webinar with a knowledgeable panel of invited speakers to hear more about opportunities in Spain and how to take advantage of them.    

1. Francisco Burgos, SEDOPTICA Youth Section
2. Diego Romero Abujetas, SEDOPTICA Youth Section
3. María. S. Millán, Academic speaker from Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya - BarcelonaTech - and President of the Spanish Society of Optics (SEDOPTICA)
4. Anika Frölian, Student speaker from ICFO Barcelona
5. Carlos Bermúdez, Industry speaker from Sensofar
6. Ernesto Castellano, Government Research speaker from Spanish National Research Council (CSIC)

The webinar will include presentations from all speakers followed by a Q&A session. To ensure a seamless transition, please update your Zoom account to the newest version.

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