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Optica Imaging Congress

General Questions

How do I log in to the website?
Click here to log in to the website. You will need to login using the email address and password set up or used during your registration for the event.

How do I log into the mobile app?
You can log into the mobile app using your first name, last name, and email address associated with your registration. You will need access to the email associated with your registration to complete login. If you have any issues or need to use a different email please contact Optica Customer Support to have the email on your registration adjusted.

I forgot my password, how do I reset it?
View the Optica FAQ on resetting your password.

I’m a Presenter, Presider or Author, where can I find help?
Please see the speaker resources section for more information.

Live Session Webinars

How quickly after registration will I have access to the live webinars and recorded content?
Access is immediate. If you are unable to login or access the content once you’ve completed your registration, please ensure you are logged in using the same email and password you used during registration, by first logging out (link to log out that returns here), then login (link to link redirecting back here) again using the email and password from registration.

If you still continue to have issues accessing the webinar links please contact Optica Customer Support.

Where can I find the Webinar Links
Links to the live webinars will be available to all registered attendees who have logged in to the event website or in the event mobile app.

On the website the links are available on the Event Schedule page, once you have logged in click the blue “Watch Now” button located below the session title.

Where to find the blue Watch now button on the event schedule page.

In the meeting app you will find the webinar link within the app schedule in the subsession description. Subsessions can be found linked within a session.

Please note, you will need to be logged in to the mobile app as a registered attendee to access the session presentations.

How do I get the zoom client?
The zoom client is available for desktop computers running Windows, Linux and Mac OS and on Apple iOS and Android mobile devices. It can be downloaded from the Zoom support downloads page.

You can find specific system requirements for desktop computers, and for mobile devices in the Zoom Help Center.

Where can I get support with Zoom?
Resources and information on how to use Zoom can be found in the Zoom Help center.

Specific Zoom Resources:

Papers & Proceedings

Where can I find the conference proceedings?
Papers can be accessed via links found in event schedule as a link to the right of the presentation title, and within the sub-session listing in the mobile app schedule.

Paper digests can also be accessed via downloading from the Optica Publishing Group platform under the congress pages for the Imaging and Applied Optics Congress and the Optical Sensors and Sensing Congress.

How do I get help if I can’t access the papers on the Optica Publishing Group platform?
It takes approximately 1 hour after registration is complete for your access to be established on the Optica Publishing Group platform. If it has been longer than 1 hour, please contact Optica Customer Service.

Recorded Content

Are the sessions being recorded?
Sessions are being recorded in zoom and will be available to all registered attendees after the session has ended. To access the recorded session content, visit the event schedule on the website or in the event mobile app and click the webinar video link.

Will session recordings be available after the meeting?
All registered attendees will have access to the recorded event content for 60 days after the event.

More information will be provided to all registered attendees as it becomes available.

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