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Optica Imaging Congress

The Global Environmental Measurement and Monitoring (GEMM) Initiative Challenge

Monday, 15 July
Room Cassiopée
GEMM Panel I: Water Quality and Pollution Monitoring for a Sustainable Future
16:30 - 18:00
GEMM Reception

Tuesday, 16 July
Room Cassiopée
GEMM Panel II: Sensing Air Quality, Greenhouse Gases, and Wildfires for a Sustainable Future
15:30 - 17:00

In partnership with the GEMM Initiative, the Optica Imaging Congress and Optica Sensing Congress will present panel discussions on two challenges related to global environmental measurement and monitoring. The organizers will select these two challenges based on interest from the community, as resulting from the paper submission process.

A Request to Contributing Authors

The panels will address two global challenges that have been selected based on input from contributing authors and other prospective attendees. When you submit your paper for consideration to present, you will also be encouraged to select one or more relevant challenges from the list below:

  • Wildfires: Early detection and air quality impacts
  • Indoor/Outdoor Air Quality and Health Impacts: Monitoring solutions for Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), potential co-emittants, and particulate matter
  • Sensing in Harsh Environments: Novel and low-cost approaches useful for water and air quality monitoring
  • Sustainability and Net Zero: Implementation of renewable energy solutions and impacts on natural resource management (e.g., water-based cooling of data centers)
  • Other

Your input will help to inform the content of the panel to ensure it addresses areas of interest for meeting attendees.

Topical Meetings and GEMM

Several topical meetings presented at both congresses will offer technical content relevant to and synergistic with the GEMM Initiative. If you have research in any of these areas, you are encouraged to submit a paper to the respective topical meeting.

About the GEMM Initiative

Founded through partnership of two international scientific societies, Optica and the American Geophysical Union (AGU), the GEMM Initiative aims to leverage existing and emerging measurement technology to address pervasive environmental and climate challenges impacting diverse communities across the globe.

Through the work of regional GEMM Centers, the Initiative pursues solutions for air and water quality, climate (e.g., greenhouse gas emissions and urban heat islands), environmental contaminants (e.g., microplastics, pathogens, and toxins) and resource management (e.g., water scarcity).

GEMM brings together community leaders, researchers, technology developers and policy shapers to cultivate actionable solutions to community priorities.

Learn more about GEMM. >

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