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Submission Deadline: 16 Mar 2022 12:00
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pcAOP is a forum for the presentation of research in the physics of light propagation, optical remote sensing, and EO/IR effects in either the atmosphere or ocean, to include distributed volume turbulence, boundary layer effects, gravity waves, vortex shedding, stably stratified turbulence, persistent eddies, and cloud/aerosol/vapor scattering and absorption, refractive effects, such as mirages and over-the-horizon viewing, as well as characterization of these phenomena.  


  • Air/water distributed volume turbulence characterization, modeling and simulation
  • Meteorological/oceanographic phenomena
  • Atmospheric and underwater optical and electro-magnetic field propagation 
  • Interaction of structured spin and orbital angular momentum of light with turbulence 
  • Classic and quantum free-space optical communications through turbulence
  • Conventional and unconventional imaging techniques for turbulent air/water
  • Remote sensing for characterizing the atmosphere or ocean
  • Turbulent media in the presence of scatterers
  • Models and measurements of aerosols and their impact including absorption, extinction, transmission and thermal blooming
  • Methods and instrumentation for atmospheric or oceanic characterization
  • Neural networks for atmospheric/oceanic characterization and mitigation 


Melissa Beason

Air Force Research Laboratory, US, United States

Olga Korotkova

University of Miami, United States

Jeremy Bos

Michigan Technological University, United States
Program Chair

Donald McGaughey

Royal Military College of Canada, Canada
Program Chair

Committee Members

  • Melissa Beason, Air Force Research Laboratory, US, United StatesChair
  • Olga Korotkova, University of Miami, United StatesChair
  • Jeremy Bos, Michigan Technological University, United StatesProgram Chair
  • Donald McGaughey, Royal Military College of Canada, CanadaProgram Chair


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