High-Brightness Sources and Light-Driven Interactions Congress

23 March 2022 – 25 March 2022

Kempinski Hotel Corvinus Budapest, Budapest, Hungary

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    Comprised of three topical meetings, the goal of the congress is to propel discourse on the latest advances in high-brightness sources, attosecond science, light-driven interactions and mid-IR laser technologies. Attendees will understand the technical challenges in the development of high-brightness sources at all wavelengths, from X-Ray to mid-IR.


    Co-located Meetings

    Compact (EUV & X-Ray) Light Sources

    Emerging, compact extreme-ultraviolet...

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    High-Intensity Lasers and High-Field Phenomena

    Addresses all aspects of strong field...

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    Mid-Infrared Coherent Sources

    The Mid-IR spectrum covering waveleng...

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