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You’ll find the latest market insights, technology roadmaps, news and research you need to stay ahead of your competition. Get leading-edge ideas, strategic thinking and practical solutions to the challenges facing your business.​


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Optica is the trusted source for timely, relevant and high-quality information that professionals around the world use to inform business decisions and improve product performance. Topics are of key interest to business development and research professionals working with optics and photonics component and systems vendors.

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Quantum Photonics Roadmap

Quantum technology has seen major advancements in computing, communications and sensing — areas that rely heavily on optics and photonics. The Quantum Photonics Roadmap is a comprehensive guide that will enable you to stay competitive and capitalize on technologies.

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Ones to Watch Report Series

The Ones to Watch series features select early-stage photonics businesses whose story singles them out as exciting, innovative and worthy of note. 

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Read about Optica Corporate Members' product announcements, recent research and business achievements in technology, business and finance.

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Read the latest industry updates in our monthly corporate member newsletter. Utilize this resource to stay informed on business and technology developments, legislative initiatives, new events and opportunities and much more.

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