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Optical Communications Market – 2023 Trends to Watch

Coverage includes cloud service providers, AI hardware, 5G core and data center compute.

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Industry Briefing with Mike Campbell on Breakthrough in Fusion

Welcome to a special Optica Industry briefing with our brilliant guest, Mike Campbell, the former director of the Laboratory for Laser Energetics in Rochester, New York. 

On December 13th, physicists from the national ignition facility at the US Lawrence Livermore Facility in California announced a breakthrough in the race to recreate nuclear fusion. How long before this clean energy source powers our homes? In addition, what role can modern lasers play in getting us there faster?

We will discuss this breakthrough in more detail and understand what it means for the photonics industry with Mike Campbell. He’s been involved in laser fusion from the start.

Until the next interview, onward with Optica!

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Ignition Chamber at US Lawrence Livermore facility in California
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Optical Communications Market - Optical Networking 2Q22 Results and More

This report features the following sections related to the optical communications market:
• Optical Networking 2Q22 results and outlook
• Coherent Transceivers 1H22 results and outlook

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Optica Market Update: Metamaterials & Metasurfaces for Optics and RF

Highlights include an overview of the significant research in the two areas; key players description and market forecasts up to 2028.

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Optical Communications Market – 2022 Survey Results and Analysis

In May 2022, Omdia conducted a survey of 32 senior IT decision makers within telecom operators to better understand the telco IT operational support system (OSS), business support system (BSS) and analytics market. Results assess topics such as investment plans, top security challenges and SaaS adoption.

The Market Update also contains the second iteration of Omdia’s digital strategy benchmark assessment. It measures the digital strategies of 12 major service provider groups by awarding scores across a range of factors, such as digital enablement, digital channels, R&D and partnerships and investment.

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[cover image] Optica Industry Market Report on Optical Communications
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Market Insights: Trends in airline traffic and profits

This Market Insights feature focuses on answering some of these questions as optics and photonics technologies are frequently found throughout the airline industry supply chain.

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Market Insights: Trends in military spending

How does military spending shift in the face of a recession? What has U.S. spending on military procurement and R&D looked like in the past? This Market Insights feature focuses on answering some of these questions as optics and photonics technologies grow increasingly important in the context of national security and intelligence.

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New Brochure: How Optics and Photonics Impacts the Global Economy

Optica’s complimentary new brochure, Optics and Photonics:  The Impact on a Global Economy,  summarizes the optics and photonics industry in colorful graphics, for presenting to policymakers, investors and anyone seeking to know more about our industry.

It illustrates the key vertical markets, the phenomenal growth rate of laser sales over 60 years, production by region, the impact on jobs worldwide and more.

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Optics and Photonics:  The Impact on a Global Economy