Optica Imaging Congress

Image Credit: Elizabeth Hillman, Columbia University


Submission Deadline: 12 Apr 2023 12:00
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Computational Optical Sensing and Imaging (COSI)

COSI showcases the latest innovations in imaging science.

It emphasizes synergistic activities in optics, signal processing and machine learning. The topical meeting attracts submissions that span topics ranging from theoretical advances in photonics to imaging applications in medicine, defense and industry. 

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Qing Chao

Meta Reality Labs, United States

Vidya Ganapati

Swarthmore College, United States

Prasanna Rangarajan

Southern Methodist University, United States

Daniele Faccio

University of Glasgow, United Kingdom
Program Chair

Seung Ah Lee

Yonsei University, Republic Of Korea
Program Chair

Lars Loetgering

ZEISS Research Microscopy Solutions, Germany
Program Chair

Committee Members

  • Qing Chao, Meta Reality Labs, United StatesChair
  • Vidya Ganapati, Swarthmore College, United StatesChair
  • Prasanna Rangarajan, Southern Methodist University, United StatesChair
  • Daniele Faccio, University of Glasgow, United KingdomProgram Chair
  • Seung Ah Lee, Yonsei University, Republic Of KoreaProgram Chair
  • Lars Loetgering, ZEISS Research Microscopy Solutions, GermanyProgram Chair


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