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Mid-Infrared Coherent Sources (MICS)

The Mid-IR spectrum covering wavelengths from ~2 µm up to THz has become a region of increased interest in recent years. The region is rich in spectroscopic fingerprints of molecules, which are used to identify pollutants for chemical, environmental and medical diagnostics, for process control, as well as for safety, security and defense applications. This meeting will be focused on the most recent advances in mid-IR to THz science and technology, including the latest developments in solid-state and fiber lasers, semiconductor and quantum cascade lasers, nonlinear materials, frequency conversion devices and parametric sources, high-energy and high-intensity lasers, integrated photonics for frequency combs and continuum generation, as well as the application of mid-IR and THz sources in remote sensing, spectroscopy, frequency synthesis, imaging, and biomedicine.


1.  Materials for mid-IR and THz Sources: 

  • Active ion-doped dielectric and semiconductor crystals
  • Semiconductor materials and structures
  • Specialty nonlinear fibers
  • Nanomaterials
  • Nonlinear optical materials and structures

2.  Mid-IR and THz Coherent Sources: 

  • Semiconductor lasers
  • Mid-IR and THz quantum cascade lasers
  • Optically pumped semiconductor lasers
  • Solid-state and fiber lasers
  • Optical parametric oscillators and amplifiers
  • Ultrashort pulse lasers and frequency combs
  • High-intensity ultrafast sources
  • High-power, high-energy sources
  • Broadband and continuum sources
  • Synchrotron radiation sources
  • Integrated photonics for frequency combs and continuum generation
  • THz generation with ultrashort pulsed lasers and nonlinear optics
  • Nonclassical mid-IR sources
  • Metamaterial enabled mid-IR technology

3.  Applications of mid-IR and THz sources in:

  • Remote sensing, imaging, astronomy
  • Spectroscopy, trace gas detection, breath analysis
  • Optical frequency synthesis, comb spectroscopy
  • Laser surgery, biomedicine
  • Materials processing
  • Optical microscopy, biophotonics
  • Nonlinear optics, attoscience

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Committee Members

  • Uwe Griebner, Max Born Institute, Germany