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Generation of Ultrafast Mid-Infrared Laser Pulses via Fiber Laser Pumped Optical Parametric Devices

Hosted By: Fundamental Laser Sciences Technical Group

21 June 2024 11:00 - 12:00

Eastern Daylight/Summer Time (US & Canada) (UTC -04:00)

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The mid-infrared region of the electromagnetic spectrum covers rotational or/and vibrational absorption lines of a large number of molecules, is often referred to as the “molecular fingerprint” region, hence provides unique characteristic in revealing molecule-photon interaction process. Therefore, wavelength-tunable sources of short laser pulses in the mid-infrared can be used for many important applications, such as remote spectroscopy, material processing, medical surgery and etc. In contrast to near-infrared, it is generally difficult to access the wide mid-infrared region directly from laser emission in rare-earth ions doped materials. Instead, nonlinear frequency conversion, in terms of optical parametric process, of readily available near-infrared sources are the common method to realize mid-infrared lasers with a wavelength tunability.

In this webinar hosted by the Fundamental Laser Sciences Technical Group, Lin Xu will present the technology of generating picosecond pulses in the mid-infrared region based on fiber laser pumped optical parametric devices. Different technical approaches including optical parametric generator/amplifier/oscillator will be discussed, and high-performance of mid-infrared laser from a new method named ‘hollow-core-fiber-feedback optical parametric oscillator’ will be introduced.

Subject Matter Level: Intermediate - Assumes basic knowledge of the topic

What You Will Learn:
• Short-pulsed fiber laser system
• Mid-infrared laser generation through optical parametric generator/amplifier/oscillator
• Fiber-feedback optical parametric oscillator with hollow-core fiber

Who Should Attend:
• Everyone interested in pulsed fiber laser system
• From graduate students and early-career researchers to senior academics
• Industry representatives

About the Presenter: Lin Xu from Optoelectronics Research Center, University of Southampton 

Lin Xu obtained his Ph.D degree in Laser Engineering from Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics (SIOM), Chinese Academy of Science, China, in 2012. He has been working in the Optoelectronics Research Centre (ORC) at the University of Southampton, UK, since 2013.He is currently a Principal Research Fellow and a group leader at the ORC focusing on developing high power pulsed fiber lasers and mid-infrared lasers (optical parametric oscillators, Raman lasers and supercontinuum laser sources) for applications including telecommunication, material processing, biomedical imaging, laser surgery and etc. As an investigator, he has led and managed several research grants, including industry-funded and government-funded projects, over the past a few years with a total funding over £8M. He is a PhD Admissions Tutor at the ORC in charge of student recruitment. 

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