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Engineered Nonlocalities in Metasurfaces

Hosted By: Optoelectronics Technical Group

22 April 2022 9:00 - 10:00

Eastern Time (US & Canada) (UTC - 04:00)

Metasurfaces have experienced an explosive research interest since their initial proposal, both in the microwave and in the optical domain. Largely investigated as passive devices, the great flexibility of this technology offers also a unique potential to develop active devices and flat sources of light fields. In this context, some metasurface design approaches are well known and have become common practice but many challenges still remain unanswered. Novel concepts need to be urgently explored.

In this webinar, Prof. Andrea Alù, one of the most renowned researcher in the field, will share his point of view on the topic, presenting the latest developments and the path that he envisions for the future. In particular, he will discuss recent progress in the context of optical metasurfaces with tailored nonlocal responses. He will discuss the current limitations of conventional metasurface approaches, and how nonlocal phenomena can overcome these limits and pave the way to a powerful platform for a wide range of optical functionalities. Based on these principles, He will describe opportunities for ultrathin technologies for advanced imaging, augmented reality, secure communications, analog optical computing and a new generation of light-emitting metasurfaces.

Subject Matter Level: Intermediate - Assumes basic knowledge of the topic

What You Will Learn:

  • Fundamentals of metasurfaces and mainly the limits of established design approaches
  • Novel metasurface principles
  • Metasurface future prospects and applications, noteworthy for light emission

Who Should Attend:

  • PhD students in optics
  • Research scientists and engineers in the field of integrated photonics, optical metasurfaces, and optical systems
About The Presenter: Andrea Alù, The City University of New York

Andrea Alù is the founding director of the Photonics Initiative at the CUNY Advanced Science Research Center, Einstein Professor of Physics at the CUNY Graduate Center, and Professor of Electrical Engineering at The City College of New York. He is affiliated with the Wireless Networking and Communications Group and the Applied Research Laboratories, both based at the University of Texas at Austin, where he is a Senior Research Scientist and Adjunct Professor. His research interests span over a broad range of technical areas, including applied electromagnetics, nano-optics and nanophotonics, microwave, THz, infrared, optical and acoustic metamaterials and metasurfaces, plasmonics, nonlinearities and nonreciprocity, cloaking and scattering, acoustics, optical nanocircuits and nanoantennas.


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