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Career Cycles: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

25 February 2021 11:00 - 12:00

Careers have a beginning, a middle and an end (and as people increasingly change careers during their lifetime, we will have more of these than ever before.) Learn how to recognise where you are on that career cycle, where you should be, and how to turn unexpected endings into new opportunities.

Katherine Wiid is a Career Management Coach based in Cambridge, UK with 24 years in recruitment and career management. Asked what she thinks is the single most important ingredient to career success she says Motive Matters! Being consciously aware of what drives us, how we process information and how we make decisions is key to managing our careers successfully. She is one of just 550 people in the world to have mastered a psycho linguistic conversational tool (the LAB Profile) based on speech patterns. She uses these insights to help her clients pinpoint their decision-making triggers and become clear on how they can get the most from their careers. She coaches and mentors working professionals across many cultures and job roles in the UK, Europe and South Africa.

Richard Mould is the Director and Founder of SoCode based in Cambridge UK specialising in Technology Recruitment. He has won 12 awards for his contribution to recruitment within the Cambridge, Technology space including the Archant Awards “Recruiter of the Year.” From his day-to-day interactions with clients and candidates Richard will be sharing his views of changes to the job market and the impact on technology careers pre and post Covid 19.

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