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Strategic Mentoring and New Forms of Mentoring

18 January 2021 8:00 - 9:00

Objective: Mentoring is evolving beyond the usual mentor(senior)-mentee(junior) dialogue. To fully benefit from this powerful practice, it is key to go back to mentoring fundamentals and then update strategically the practice for 21st century needs. The objective of this series is to widen views beyond tradition and to ensure participants have good foundations to start a mentoring relationship or programme. Sessions: 2) Strategic mentoring and new forms of mentoring Looking at mentoring at scale in organizations, behind the simple mentor-mentee relationship Strategic contexts for mentoring (innovation, internationalization, feminization) Reverse mentoring, Peer mentoring, Solidarity mentoring etc.

Stéphanie Mitrano-Méda, based in the Netherlands, is an international consultant, trainer, keynote speaker, executive coach, and author with over twenty years experience as a bringer of feminine values in organisations. She is, with her husband, co-founder and senior partner at Innovation Copilots which engages startups and international corporations in cultural transformations enabling innovation strategies. It has become her life mission to help organisations, teams and leaders to incorporate feminine values such as empathy, learning communities, emotional safety, authentic expression and mindset agility in their work practices, which is now especially important in these uncertain times.

As one of the rare experts on mentoring in Europe, Stéphanie has designed and implemented numerous corporate mentoring programmes since 2007 and has written the first PhD thesis about mentoring entrepreneurs in Europe in 2012.

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