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Unlocking the Unknown: New Technologies for Applied Spectral Knowledge

Hosted By: Applied Spectroscopy Technical Group

15 August 2019 11:00 - 12:00

Eastern Time (US & Canada) (UTC -05:00)

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In this webinar, Steve Buckley and Derek Guenther of Ocean Insight will teach users about several recent advancements in spectral hardware and software, and the heightened power of spectral measurement systems when coupled with applied spectral knowledge. New spectrometer bench designs further improve optical performances such as resolution and peak symmetry to bring hard-to-see analytes out of the noise. In addition, the viewer will learn about imaging systems that take these optical measurements to a new level by providing analysis over broad areas for in-line food and materials inspection. Perhaps the most exciting part of this webinar will be the introduction and explanation around spectral machine learning technology that is working wonders with large and difficult data sets, and across many application spaces. The audience will learn the value achieved by joining traditional spectroscopy with modern A.I. analytics to provide spectral solutions where once impossible, and doing so at amazing speeds. The application stories using the latest spectroscopy technologies are to jog the viewers’ imagination on the successes of the novel tools.

What You Will Learn:

  • Applications of imaging systems 
  • Power of machine learning in spectroscopic solutions 
  • Value of spectrometer bench designs

Who Should Attend:

  • Graduate students  
  • Post-Docs
About the Presenters:

Steve Buckley, Ocean Optics, Inc.

Dr. Steve Buckley is the VP of Product Development and Engineering at Ocean Insight. He has worked in applied spectroscopy for most of the last 25 years, developing systems from the mid-IR to the UV, including imagers, gas detection systems, fluorescence systems, and LIBS systems. Before Ocean, he had co-founded Photon Machines, Inc., which developed LIBS and laser ablation systems. Steve was a tenured professor at UCSD in the MAE Department, and taught for 8 years before entering the commercial world.

Derek Guenther, Ocean Optics, Inc.

Derek A. Guenther has spent over 10 years at Ocean Insight developing and supporting the oxygen and pH sensor products, and today he works with the Lab Services Team helping customers achieve their goals using the full line of Ocean Insight products. He obtained a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of South Florida with a minor in Inorganic Chemistry. His work at the USF Institute for Environmental Studies focused on development of novel silica-based algaecides targeting invasive species in Florida fresh waterways. His strengths and passions lie in new chemical sensor developments and spectral numerical processing.
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