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Optica MedTech Industry Summit at CHUM Hospital

The Optica Med-Tech Industry Summit 2024 focuses on bridging the gap between industrial innovation in photonics-enabled medical devices and market realization, targeting companies at the development stage between prototyping and clinical trials. Attendees will gain unparalleled access to the stakeholders that they need for the future developments, spanning healthcare practitioners, regulatory experts, insurance companies, technology transfer specialists, and investors keen on driving the next wave of medical breakthroughs.

Photonics technology, with its vast applications in diagnostics, treatment, and healthcare monitoring, promises to redefine medical practices. However, transitioning from promising prototypes to clinically approved devices requires more than technological innovation. It demands strategic collaborations, clear regulatory pathways, effective technology transfer, and solid investment partnerships. This Summit is the gateway to forging these meaningful connections, focusing on the practical aspects of bringing photonics innovations to the healthcare market.

Organizing Committee:

  • Dr. Helena Diez (Optica)
  • Dr. Jose Pozo (Optica)
  • Dr. Madison Rilling (Optonique)
  • Ms. Edith Ducharme (Optonique)
  • Dr. Frederic Leblond (CHUM)
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