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Optica Executive Reception at ECOC

23 September 2024

Frankfurt, Germany

The European Conference on Optical Communication (ECOC) is renowned as Europe's premier optical communications conference and ranks among the largest and most prestigious events in the field globally. This year, the conference will be held in Frankfurt, the economic and financial hub of Europe. Optica will host a VIP reception on Monday, September 23rd, at the harbor restaurant, "Oosten."

Oosten is an industrial-modern venue with a trendy ambiance and features a terrace with a transparent design, constructed from glass, steel, concrete, and wood. From Oosten, guests can enjoy a spectacular 270-degree view of the Frankfurt skyline and the urban river landscape, which includes the glass facade of the European Central Bank and the Deutschherrn- and Honsel bridges.

Investor Theme: The theme of this year’s OPTICA VIP Reception at ECOC is a networking experience between local investors and executives of Optica Corporate Members.

Pease note that this event is by invitation only and free of charge. If you wish to attend and be part of this exclusive experience, kindly send an email to Carmen at to register for the executive reception or express interest in sponsoring this initiative.


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