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Optica Executive Forum at OFC 2024

Executive Forum at OFC 2024

Optica's Executive Forum is a 1-day program featuring a keynote session, panel presentations, a business fireside chat, and many in-person networking opportunities.


Session 1: Next-Generation Network Infrastructure and Architecture

In this panel, hyperscalers and network operators, will dissect the technical impact of artificial intelligence and decentralization on the current network loads and future of communication networks. What are the economical drivers for network operators and how are those translated into technical demands into physical network layer and infrastructure? What standards and QC requirements are the hyperscalers demanding from their supplier to meet?

Session 2: Status of Photonic-enabled Modules and Interconnects

AI is driving not only server technology, but everything that connects to the server inside and between data centers. Data center networks are transitioning quickly to 400G and 800G now to support AI applications. Data center interconnects are moving quickly to 800G and 1.6T technologies are right around the corner. This panel will discuss technologies like linear pluggable optcs (LPO), co-packaged optics inside the data center as well as new coherent technologies being developed for connecting data centers and the AI to the end user customers.

Session 3: Photonic Manufacturing and Enabling Technologies

This panels discusses the latest in optical components, including lasers, modulators, and Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs). Key questions will be tackled about the feasibility and scalability of silicon photonics in foundries, and in particular the future potential of hybrid integration.

Session 4: CEO Panel

The CEO Panel explores firsthand the diverse perspectives these accomplished CEOs from public companies in the optical communication market as they discuss how they've navigated their organizations through change and uncertainty. Learn about what are the challenges and opportunities ahead and what keeps them awake at night.

Session 5: Photonic Interconnects in AI Clusters

Optical engines are a cornerstone in the development of robust and scalable AI infrastructure for high-performance computing applications. What are available technologies to facilitate high-speed communication and data exchange among the distributed nodes within an AI cluster? How are these engines addressing the substantial data volumes inherent in AI computations and mitigating latency?

Session 6: Industry Insights on AI in Data Centers

This session is a unique opportunity as we sit down with the visionary entrepreneur and co-founder of Arista Networks, Andy Bechtolsheim. This exclusive and interactive interview will delve into the latest innovations in networking technology, with a particular focus on Arista's groundbreaking developments in Linear Pluggable Optics. Andy shares his perspectives on the current status of the optical communication business outlook through a dialogue with the audience.

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