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Optica 2024 Quantum Industry Summit - Third Edition

19 - 20 November, 2024

M Shed Princes Wharf
Bristol, United Kingdom

The Optica Quantum Industry Summit is back, this time for its third installment! This year's edition elevates the event to new heights by taking place in Bristol, hosted by the University of Bristol, recognized as one of the global capitals of quantum technologies.

Continuing the tradition of focusing on cutting-edge developments, this year's quantum summit will concentrate on the advancement of photonics technologies (including lasers, optics, PICs, detectors, and equipment), quantum computing, system integration, memory storage, cryptography, metrology, and information transmission.

This distinguished Summit serves as a confluence for quantum companies and their prospective supply chain partners, designed explicitly to address the industry's demands and the substantial challenges on the horizon. Emphasizing collaboration and innovation, we aim to foster connections that spur progress and navigate the complex landscape of quantum technologies.

By situating the event at the University of Bristol, we're at the heart of quantum innovation, offering participants an enriching experience in a city renowned for its significant contributions to the field. This setting is not just a backdrop but an active participant, embodying the spirit of discovery and advancement that defines the quantum realm.

Join us in Bristol for the third edition of the Optica Quantum Industry Summit, where the quantum journey continues, and the collective potential is limitless. We look forward to connecting, collaborating, and pioneering the future of quantum technologies together!

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