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Optica End-User Workshop at Laser Congress

13 December 2022

Barcelona International Convention Centre, Room 120, Barcelona, Spain

At the Optica End-User Workshop at Laser Congress, speakers will be playing the roles of “end-users”. They will present their unmet needs in terms of, for example, laser systems, laser modules (pump diodes, beam delivery, beam tuning…), laser optics, testing/measurement equipment, …, necessary for their next steps of development. In a very interactive session moderated by Optica CTO, Jose Pozo, the participants will explore some room for collaboration. This Optica End-User workshop is mainly attended by industry representatives. The participant list will be circulated shortly before the meeting. Most of the companies will attend with either their CTO, Business Development Manager or Director of R&D.

After the event, there will be a “Cava” reception for the participants to network.

This event is free of charge for all Industry representatives. But registration is necessary.

 To confirm your attendance, please  REGISTER HERE.
Moderator - Jose Pozo





14:00 Arrival

14:30 End User presentations

16:30 “Cava” networking reception



Anthony Yu

(NASA Goddard Space Flight Center) Area: Space Technologies

Johann Thurn

(DLR) Area: Aerospace Technologies


Nicolas Riviere

(ONERA) Area: Aerospace Technologies


Zeb Barber

(Aurora) Area: LIDAR


Eduardo Margallo

(Ommatidia LIDAR) Area: LIDAR


Malcolm Wright

(Jet Propulsion Labs) Area: Free Space Optical Communications

Marc Spencer

(Air Force Research Labs) Area: High-Energy Laser Beam Control


Takao Fuji

(Toyota Technological Institute) Area: Laser Science

Lahsen Assoufid

(Argonne National Lab) Area: Metrology


Xiaoming Shang

(Candela Medical) Area: Medical Lasers for Cosmetic Surgery


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