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Susan N. Houde-Walter

Photo of Susan N. Houde-Walter
Awards & Distinctions

2005 President Susan Houde-Walter is the CEO and Co-Founder of LMD Power of Light, specializing in miniaturing and hardening laser optical systems. The company was formerly known as LaserMax, Inc.

Houde-Walter received her doctorate at the Institute of Optics, University of Rochester, U.S., where she joined the faculty and earned tenure as Professor of Optics. In 2005, she left the University to run LaserMaxDefense. Houde-Walter is the inventor on 26 patents and has published 100+ papers and invited talks on optoelectronic design and optical materials.

Houde-Walter began her OSA service as a graduate student, later with various program and publication committees. She is a Fellow, served on the Board, and was later elected as President (2005). Her development of international leadership, her monthly essays in OPN, her interviews of the 2005 Nobel Prize Laureates, executive team development, and unprecedented fundraising success characterized her year as President.

She currently serves on the Strategic Planning Committee and Presidental Advisory Committee. She received the 2020 Stephen D. Fantone Distinguished Service Award for outstanding service to the Society.

I was raised as an artist (printmaking, sculpture, painting). Only in my mid-20s did I begin to study math and science. Because the change came in my early adulthood, I had the opportunity to notice differences in cognitive style between the fine arts and scientific disciplines. 

Susan Houde-Walter, OPN November 2005

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