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Patricia Wakeling

Photo of Patricia Wakeling

Patricia Wakeling (l) with Mary Warga (r)

Awards & Distinctions

Patricia “Paddy” R. Wakeling held many jobs during her 30 year career with OSA.  Wakeling, who was known for her boundless energy and expertise in scientific publishing, served as the Managing Editor of Applied Optics (AO).  
In addition, Wakeling held several pivotal positions in the Executive Office, including Assistant Secretary under the leadership of OSA Executive Secretary Mary Warga.
Wakeling was born and raised in London, U.K., and pursued a degree in chemistry. She worked for the Office of Naval Research in London before moving onto Pergamon Press to work with Managing Director Robert Maxwell. Wakeling spent several years at Pergamon Press and gained considerable experience in launching scientific journals. Wakeling joined OSA in 1959 to oversee the Society’s publishing projects and serve as the Assistant Secretary. She was instrumental in the development and success of OSA’s translational journal Optics and Spectroscopy, having secured a grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) for its support. Wakeling was the Administrative Editor of Optics and Spectroscopy. Wakeling also received a NSF grant to underwrite start-up costs associated with Applied Optics, it was this support that helped persuade the OSA Board to launch the journal. Wakeling served as the Managing Editor of Applied Optics from its inception and in collaboration with Editor John N. Howard, Applied Optics went on to become a highly respected, top quality publication with international recognition. 
In 1990, Wakeling received the OSA Distinguished Service Award which recognized noteworthy contributions to optics through administration, editorship of a periodical or service to the optical community. 

Patricia R. Wakeling died on 21 September 2016, please see Optica's memorial entry.

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Last Updated: 28 Aug 2023

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