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Kramer Akli

Photo of Kramer Akli
Awards & Distinctions

Kramer Akli earned a PhD in Applied Science from the University of California Davis, USA, in 2006. While pursuing his Ph.D., he was awarded a fellowship to work at the prestigious Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

Kramer joined the U.S. Department of Energy, Fusion Energy Sciences program in 2016. Driven by a commitment to addressing gaps in laser technology, Kramer responded to the National Academies' report titled "Opportunities in Intense Ultrafast Lasers." Recognizing the potential for a "second laser revolution," he founded LaserNetUS. This North America-based high-intensity laser network gained recognition, securing its place among the notable achievements of 2018 within the DOE enterprise. The network serves as a model for scientific disciplines and has spurred the creation of other networks like ZnetUS and MagNetUS. The network partners with Laserlab Europe, ELI facilities, and institutions across South America, and Australia, reflecting Kramer Akli's global commitment to advancing optics and lasers through collaborative efforts.

A 2024 Fellow Optica, he also received the 2024 Robert E. Hopkins Leadership Award, “For leadership and vision in establishing North America's first high intensity laser research network, providing students and scientists worldwide with access to state of the art high power laser experimental facilities and photonics technologies.”

Document Created: 6 Mar 2024
Last Updated: 8 Mar 2024

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