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Huib Visser

Photo of Huib Visser
Awards & Distinctions

Huib Visser received his MSc degree in electrical engineering from Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), the Netherlands in 1989. In 1990, he joined the Defence, Security and Safety division of the Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research TNO at The Hague in The Netherlands. In 2001, he moved to TNO Science and Industry in Eindhoven. He was assigned part-time to the TU/e department of electrical engineering to teach antenna theory and supervise BSc, MSc and Ph.D. research projects. In 2006, he was assigned part-time to the Holst Centre in Eindhoven. In 2009, he started working in the Holst Centre as an employee of IMEC Netherlands, leading research in the field of Wireless Power Transfer. In 2009, he obtained his Ph.D. from TU/e and KU Leuven (Belgium). In 2014, Huib Visser was appointed as part-time professor at the department of electrical engineering of TU/e, and asa a chair on Wireless Data and Power Transfer for Miniature and Environment-Independent Electronics.

In 2001, he received OSA’s David Richardson Medal “for innovative designs of complex optical space instrumentation which have given fresh impulses to the application of geometrical optics integrated with sound thermo-mechanical design.” He is author of the books Array and Phased Array Antenna Basics (Wiley, 2005), Approximate Antenna Analysis for CAD (Wiley, 2009), and Antenna Theory and Applications (Wiley, 2012). He has been chief editor of the Journal of the Netherlands Electronics and Radio Society (NERG) and was a member of the NERG board. He holds four patents.

Document Created: 26 Jul 2023
Last Updated: 28 Aug 2023

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