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Niamh Kavanagh

Photo of Niamh Kavanagh

Awards & Distinctions

2020 Ambassador, Dr Niamh Kavanagh, is a product owner, EDI (Equity, Diversity, Inclusion) consultant and award-winning communicator. Her PhD research was dedicated to designing, building, and optimising an optical communications system to provide alternatives for future internet growth.

Throughout her PhD, Niamh was very active in science communication, winning awards such as Famelab, Thesis in 3 and the IOP Early Career Physics Communicator award. She is also a passionate advocate for EDI, she is the co-founder of Pride in Photonics (an inclusive LGBTQ+ initiative), Chair of the IEEE Photonics Society Diversity Oversight Committee, and an award-winning mentor for her work with disadvantaged youth.

Previously, a scientific product specialist with M Squared, today Dr Kavanagh works as a video product owner with Verizon Connect (based in Ireland). Niamh works on their core product - Reveal - which tracks vehicle fleets and enables managers to monitor daily operations, reduce costs, increase productivity and stay on top of vehicle maintenance. This incorporates Verizon Connect Integrated Video where the power of HD video, AI and driver-data join forces to proactively mitigate accident risk and encourage safer driving.

Niamh chose a career in tech to follow her curiosity and find a place in life where she could make a positive difference. Essentially, she wants to understand how the world works and how she can change it for the better. These are the core values on which she builds her career and grows her community. If you share these values, reach out and connect with Niamh today!


Document Created: 26 Jul 2023
Last Updated: 13 Sep 2023

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