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Jean-Pierre Huignard

Photo of Jean-Pierre Huignard

Awards & Distinctions

Jean-Pierre Huignard earned the engineer diploma in optical science from Ecole Superieure d’Optique and a doctorate in physical science from Paris-Orsay University. He currently serves as Senior Scientist at Thales Research and Technology. He is a co-editor of books on Photorefractive Materials and Their Applications, Phase Conjugate Laser Optics, and Encyclopedia of Electro-Optics. Also, he is a co-author of several review chapters in a book series covering laser optics and optical processing and applications, and contributes to courses in optoelectronics at the Institut d’Optique. His current research interests include fiber lasers optics, and laser beam control and applications.

He is a Fellow of OSA and received a prize from the French Academy of Sciences. He was the 2011 recipient of OSA’s Emmet N. Leith Medal “for seminal contributions to the field of spatial light modulators and analog optical signal processing.”

Document Created: 26 Jul 2023
Last Updated: 7 Dec 2023

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