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Gary C. Bjorklund

Photo of Gary C. Bjorklund
Awards & Distinctions

1998 OSA President Gary C. Bjorklund did his undergraduate work at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he majored in physics, and his graduate work at Stanford University in the Department of Applied Physics.  His thesis research on gas-phase nonlinear optics and vacuum ultraviolet holography was performed under the direction of S. E. Harris.

In the early part of his career, Bjorklund worked at two of the major industrial research laboratories. For the first four years of his career, Bjorklund worked at Bell Labs, Holmdel, where he performed research in quantum electronics and nonlinear optics. Then he spent 15 years at IBM Research in San Jose in a variety of research and management positions. One of his key responsibilities was directing technology development efforts on applications of photonics for information technology.

Since 1994, Bjorklund has been involved primarily with small companies. He has served as an employee, consultant, and board member for a number of photonics startups.  From 1994-98 he was Director of Advanced Development at Optivision/Optical Networks and from 2000-01 he was Chief Technology Officer at Nanovation Technologies. As a consultant, he has done work for a numerous photonics industry clients, including both companies and investors.  He also served on the Technical Advisory Boards of Nanovation, Opthos, Anvik, Symmorphix, Enablence and NLITEN Energy.

In March 2006, he began a long-term assignment with Stanford University serving as Consulting Director for the Stanford Photonics Research Center (SPRC).  He is primarily concerned with SPRC activities in the application areas of solar energy, telecommunications, and information technology.

Bjorklund is a fellow of OSA, IEEE, and APS.  He has received OSA’s Distinguished Service Award for outstanding service and leadership to the Society. Over the years Bjorklund has tirelessly given his time in a variety of capacities from conference chair to founding chair of the OSA Foundation. Bjorklund has also served as president of the IEEE Lasers and Electro-Optics Society. He is currently serving on the Board of the OSA Foundation.


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