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Angeles Camacho Rosales

Photo of Angeles Camacho Rosales

Awards & Distinctions

Angeles Camacho Rosales is a leader in New Product Development for Optical Fibers at Coractive Inc. She holds a Ph.D. in Optoelectronics from the University of Southampton, where she collaborated on the EPSRC project "Novel Multiple Materials Additive Manufacturing Instrument for the New Generation of Optical Fiber Fabrication."

After the successful completion of her Ph.D. in 2020, Angeles contributed her expertise to the Nanophotonics group at the Zepler Institute, serving as a Research Fellow in the EPSRC project "Composite Material Hollow-Core Fibers for Active Photonics."

Passionate about fostering international research collaboration, Angeles has a proven track record of coordinating impactful initiatives. Her portfolio includes organizing international seminars, workshops, and mentoring programs, as well as facilitating multinational network collaboration. Angeles's dedication extends beyond the laboratory, as evidenced by her influential presence in STEM outreach and advocacy for diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Her work has been recognized by FORBES in both 2018 and 2019 as one of the 100 Most Influential Women in Mexico, due to her outstanding contributions to STEM outreach and her advocacy for diversity and inclusion in the field."

Document Created: 4 Dec 2023
Last Updated: 4 Dec 2023

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