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Optica Online Industry Meeting: Quantum Communication

22 January 2025 10:00 - 11:30

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Quantum communication (QComm) provides a secure quantum information transfer across distant locations. Utilizing quantum key distribution (QKD), it surpasses classical encryption vulnerabilities to future quantum computing. Aimed at establishing a quantum internet, QComm enhances quantum-computing power through parallel and blind quantum computing. While short-distance quantum transmission is feasible, challenges remain for longer distances. The QComm value chain, comprising components, hardware, and software, also includes quantum-network operations and services. Limited for now, network operators maintain large-scale quantum networks, while various companies provide advice on QComm's technological and business aspects. The industry continues to evolve with the maturation of QComm hardware. In this online industry meeting, key players across the QComm value chain present their insight into the status of the industry, and discuss the business opportunities and challenges, in an interactive and collaborative session.

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