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Using High Dynamic Range Photography to Capture Visual and Non-Visual Stimuli in Built Environments

Hosted By: Lighting Applications Technical Group

16 February 2024 13:00 - 14:00

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High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography is a scientific lighting measurement technique. Using commercially available cameras, it is possible to take multiple exposure photographs that capture the wide luminance variations within a scene. This webinar hosted by the Lighting Applications Technical Group, Mehlika Inanici will discuss on best practices for capturing and post-processing of HDR images. HDR images can be used to measure and evaluate existing environments, and conduct psychophysical studies on visual comfort, perception, and circadian rhythms.

About the Presenter: Mehlika Inanici from The University of Washington

Mehlika Inanici is a professor at the University of Washington, Department of Architecture in Seattle. The focus of her research is the measurement, simulation, and analysis of the visual and non-visual effects of light in built environments. She has authored highly influential papers on the use of HDR photography. She co-developed hdrscope, which is an analysis tool for HDR imagery. She also co-developed Lark Multispectral Lighting tool, which is an open-source software to simulate the non-visual effects of light. 

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