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The Light Field: Fundamental Principles and The Design Practice of Dealing with a 7 Dimensional Function

Hosted By: Lighting Applications Technical Group

05 September 2023 10:00 - 11:00

Light field fundamentals (7-dimensional function of location, direction, wavelength and time) and applications in lighting research, technology and design. Prof. Pont will describe a framework based on theory and empirical results, in which they connected the optics, perception and design fundamentals of light in its full complexity. She will show how they apply this framework in scientifically informed lighting design and education and illustrate the outcomes with concrete results.

About the Presenter: Sylvia Pont from Delft University of Technology

Sylvia Pont is an Antoni van Leeuwenhoek professor (Perceptual Intelligence) at Delft University of Technology. In Delft she coordinates the Perceptual Intelligence lab (π-lab), a centre of expertise on perception, cognition, and design of multisensory experiences and smart products, services, and systems, and unique for its cross-disciplinary approach to real-world perception problems. Her research includes studies into design, perception and optics of light and its interactions with materials, shapes and spaces. She coordinates a Master’s elective course Lighting Design and teaches psychophysics, colour science, and optics. 

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