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Sponsored Webinar: Digitizing Optical Product Manufacturing Traceability: The What, Why & AI

08 November 2021 14:00 - 15:00

Eastern Time (US & Canada) (UTC -05:00)

Today’s optical communications products are more complex. They require higher orders of reliability. On top of that, your end customers are demanding more visibility into your ability to deliver on time. This requires that you now have requisite visibility from all of your own suppliers, across the globe. Overall, the market is demanding better supply chain visibility, with higher product quality and traceability.

This webinar will present proven approaches to solving this evolving challenge.


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Ryan Gamble, Founder and President, Intraratio

Founder and president of Intraratio Corporation. With an electrical and
computer engineering background, he has spent the past 20+ years in the
semiconductor industry, focused on software systems development, to
improve product manufacturing, traceability and testing of commercial and
space/military product lines including multi-core DSP, RF and silicon




Daniel Gutierrez, Data Product Manager and Data Scientist, Intraratio

Data Product Manager and Data Scientist at Intraratio Corporation leading
the development of Kaizen AI, a Machine Learning and AI platform for
manufacturing. As an experienced process and manufacturing engineer for
12+ years in various industries (electronics, medical devices, and polymers)
he brings his expertise of process improvement and design coupled with his
machine learning knowledge to bring real AI to the manufacturing industry.



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