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From PhD to CEO: Making An Exciting Leap Into Business with Claudia Hössbacher

23 November 2021 16:00 - 17:00

Amsterdam, Berlin, Bern, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna (UTC +01:00)

Ever wondered what challenges you might face when not only transitioning to industry but also when setting up your own business? In this webinar series, young European entrepreneurs share their stories of how they moved from the lab to the executive office. Register for this one to hear from Claudia Hössbacher from Polariton Technologies AG.

This series is a joint initiative of Optica, EPS and the EPS Young Minds Program. Its objective is to foster innovation & entrepreneurship amongst young physicists and providing insights into the European start-up culture.

Meet the Speaker, Claudia Hössbacher: 

Claudia has always been fascinated by light. After her BSc degree in Electrical Engineering at KIT, Germany, the Master program in “Optics and Photonics” stimulated her interest in the interaction of light with smallest structures. Following this interest, she researched integrated photonics, plasmonics and electro-optics during her PhD at ETH Zurich. In 2019, she was awarded the ETH Pioneer Fellowship to transfer her research project into innovative products and co-founded Polariton Technologies to accelerate information transport and reduce its power consumption. Polariton is providing the world's fastest, most compact, and energy-efficient electro-optic devices with applications in telecommunications, datacenters, wireless communications (5G/6G), space, and sensing. Founded in 2019, Polariton is a spin-off of ETH Zurich, taking pride in teamwork, clear and effective communication, and curiosity.

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