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Energizing Your Workplace (Even From Home)

09 February 2021 9:00 - 10:00

Let’s face it. Even the most dedicated researchers can have a tough time staying motivated, let alone over the past year when we have been forced to work from home and interact with one another in person less and less. It’s therefore even more important to keep focused on your own mental health and the well-being of your colleagues. We will walk you through ways to boost efficiency, productivity and morale by keeping yourself and your team energized, even when working from home.

Cathy Sorbara is a neuroscientist and passionate about raising the voices of women. For 10 years she worked as a researcher in academia in Canada and Germany, studying neurodegenerative diseases. But when she moved to England, Cathy decided to explore a different path. She became Chief Operations Officer of a start-up company called Cheeky Scientist, a global professional network that helps PhDs see their value and find meaningful work outside of academia. Now she lives and works in the Netherlands where she continues to support academics by advocating for their mental health and wellbeing through her own company, Sorbara Consulting. 

Mary Truscott is a biochemistry PhD currently running a communications consulting business. She has worked in a range of roles in different organizations through her career. Mentors have been invaluable to her professional success and as she learns new skills, sports and hobbies.

You can connect with her on LinkedIn here:

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